SAMP admin commands List

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SAMP admin commands List

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/rp RolePlay mode
/fr FreeRoam mode
/st([st id]) Stadium (part of fr)
/dm([dm id]) DeathMatch (part of fr)
/sb Smokey and the bandid (part of fr)


/h or /help or /commands
/spw [password] Set Password
/p [password] enter Password
/vl Vehicle List
/pvl [player id] Player Vehicle List
/mvl My Vehicle List
/glr([st id]) Get Lap Record
/wiv [veh id] Where Is Vehicle
/c Count
/map [id]
/j roll Joint msg
/l Light joint msg
/rl Re-Light joint msg
/b hit Bong msg
/d Drink beer msg
/mk MudKip msg
/win WINdowed msg
/glo Giant LatiOs msg
/gla Giant LatiAs msg
/afk Away From Keyboard msg
/bbl Be Back Later msg
/bck is BaCK msg
/brb Be Right Back msg
/bye BYE msg
/gtg Got To Go msg
/syg Screw You Guys msg
/e E-mail adress
/w Website
/r Rules
/rpa RP Acces msg
/wba Admin msg
/pl Player List
/gc Get Coordinates
/stst STats Server Time
/stch STats CHat
/stdi STats DIstance
/stdr STats DRugs
/stti STAts TIme
/stg STats General
/fs [style] Fighting Style (0-5)
/i Info
/go Get Out
/cb ([channel])
/t [text] To be used with /cb
/ me [text]
/pm [player id] [text]
/weather([weather id])

Admin lvl 1:

/nma [player id] No More Admin
/acm Anti Cheat Monitor
/gi [seat] Get In
/gn [player id] Get Names
/pi [player id] Player Info
/ar [player id] ARrest player
/gs [player id] Get Stars
/pst [playerid] Player STats
/rpok [player id]
/rpnok [player id]
/peek [player id]
/pdrunk [player id]
/psober [player id]
/mute [player id] ([time])
/unmute [player id]
/freeze [player id] ([time])
/unfreeze [player id]
/kick [playerid]
/jail [playerid]

Admin lvl 2:

/ma [player id] Make Admin lvl 1
/kv [veh id] Kill Vehicle
/dv [veh id] Destroy Vehicle
/gip [player id] Get IP
/sweather([weather id])
/pkill [player id]
/ban [playerid]
/ip [player id]

Admin lvl 3:

/sg [g] Set Gravity
/ss Save Server
/maa [player id] Make Admin lvl 2
/maaa [player id] Make Admin lvl 3
/nuke [player id] [strength] [loop]
/ps Property Settings
/cp Create Property
/cpark Create parking at property
/sw [world id] Set World
/kav Kill All Vehicles (disabled)
/kap Kill All Players (disabled)
/gv Get Vehicle
/gpz Get Property Zones
/pardon [player id]
/tax [percentage]
/ban [playerid]
/bonus [playerid]
/geta [id]

Smokey and the bandid only:


FreeRoam only:

/tp [player id] Teleport to Player
/tpv [vehicle id] TelePort to Vehicle
/tpc [ x] [y] [z] TelePort to Coordinates
/up Un-Pan
/hp HitPoints
/ar ARmour
/si [interior id] Set Interior
/veh spawn VEHicle
/colour [col 1] [col 2]
/paint [paint id]

RolePlay only:

/sc Search Car
/get Get car
/park Park car
/arrive [dest] arrived at dest msg
/mti [ammount] Money Transfer In
/mto [ammount] Money Transfer Out
/pn [name] Property Name
/bp Buy Property
/sp [price] Sell Property
/cvo [player id] Change Vehicle Owner
/sbp1 Set Buy Price for goods 1
/ssp1 Set Sell Price for goods 1
/sbp2 Set Buy Price for goods 2
/ssp2 Set Sell Price for goods 2
/spz Show Property Zones
/hpz Hide Property Zones
/lpz Legend for Property Zones
/colour [col 1] [col 2]
/givecash [player id] [ammount]
/withdraw [ammount]
/deposit [ammount]
/ceo [player id]
/load ([ammount])
/unload ([ammount])
/buy ([ammount])


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